Technical Documentation

Capabilities Statement

Traincroft is a global provider of engineering services, technical documentation, and training, on and off-site logistics support, and MRO support.

Past Performance

Traincroft has successfully supported many contracts for the Air Force, foreign militaries, and MRO support as a subcontractor for General Electric, Keystone Helicopter, and the US Army/Navy as a subcontractor for MilAir

Key Differentiators

  • Personalized customer service is the secret to our success as a Certified Small Business/Owner operated company.
  • Recurrent employee training: continuous skills development, customer and project security, and familiarization with recent technology trends.
  • Competitive pricing based on industry standards.

Core Competencies

Traincroft, Inc. is a complete, integrated Logistic Support Company, with an emphasis on the Aerospace industry.

Specialized Contract Placement

  • Mechanics
  • Welders
  • Fabricators
  • Trainers

Technical Publications/Engineering Support

  • IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals)
  • Training Development
  • Web Delivery (CBT/HTML/XML/etc.)
  • Adhere to MIL and ATA Specs
  • Multiple Programming Disciplines (.NET, C#, C++, etc.)

Depot/Facilities Support

  • Tooling
  • Training
  • Spare Parts