Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

Documentation is key to your business success; from written descriptions and processes to illustrated parts breakdown. Documentation can be presented in a variety of formats and software programs.

At Traincroft, we stay current with the latest software applications and product delivery methods while remembering that your legacy data is key to your future. Let us solve your documentation problems and bring your company current with the needs of your customers.

The documentation we create is driven by the needs and expectations of our customers as well as the need of their end client. We tailor the documentation to match the customer's product and target audience. The information can also be supplied in almost any language the customer requires. The documentation and processes can be as technical as an aircraft engine manual used by maintenance technicians, or as simple as instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich by a four-year-old child. We understand that your processes and work instructions are what sets you as a company apart from the competition. Keeping the edge in documentation is what makes your business successful.

Documentation Software

Electronic Documentation means any computer data (other than programs or system files) that are intended to be used in their computerized form, without being printed (although printing is usually possible).

An IETM or Interactive Electronic Technical Manual is a portal to manage technical documentation. IETMs compress volumes of text into just CD-ROMs or online pages which may include sound and video and allow readers to locate needed information far more rapidly than in paper manuals.

Technical Writing
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